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Apart from designing and launching Fashion Accessories and Lifestyle Products under the PIPOL'S BAZAAR brand the company also do collaborations within concepts, design and production. Our clients within this field might have an idea to be created, a specific design to be visualized or a product to be produced. We can help with all the above.


Many of our clients come to us when the lack of either time or personnel makes the sourcing a difficult task. With a warehouse in Sweden we can always find products in limited numbers to help with the smaller and quicker demands. For the bigger and more long-term projects we most often get a closer brief of the type of project, the aim of the idea or a specific product to be set forward.


Production processes tend to be difficult to manage and often take longer than anticipated. We will give you all the prerequisites and keep you posted during the process until the goods arrive to you. With the supplier contacts and with a quality control team in place since many years of collaborating, we can help our clients so that they can focus on what they are best served to do in taking care of theirs.

We have a proven track record in both small and large scale production within private label and branded one-off projects. With the design team and the production facilities in place we can help in becoming your sourcing partner.


If you are interested in discussing an idea or would like to get further information about what we could do for you, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.